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Export requirements can be complex, and are constantly changing. Our team is up to date on analytical requirements throughout the world, and is available to provide guidance to help you navigate and complete the forms and certificates you may need as you take your wine abroad.

Kelowna Labs is internationally recognized as a qualified third-party provider of analytical certificates that meet the varied requirements of different countries and individual importers. Demands for lab reports with international shipments have skyrocketed. Kelowna Labs plays an active role in several international organizations aiming to reduce and rationalize the requirements for export wine analysis.

"They want what?"

Demands for lab reports (Certificates of Analysis) accompanying international wine shipments have run amok! An ever-expanding list of countries and importers are demanding an ever-expanding list of analyses in order to allow consignments of wine large and small access across their borders and into their distribution chains. Most of these demands are nothing more than what are properly referred to in the international community as Non-Tariff Trade Barriers.

Reducing and Rationalizing Requirements

Kelowna Laboratories is a member of the Paris based organization known as FIVS (Federation Internationale des Vins et Spiritueux). FIVS is a worldwide trade federation serving the global alcohol beverage industry that has been working since 1951 to promote an environment free from trade-distorting factors of all kinds. Kelowna Labs participates in international FIVS meetings, and serves on committees and working groups within FIVS striving to eliminate or reduce export analytical requirements on behalf of our clients.

Regardless of our success in reducing and rationalizing requirements, however, there will inevitably remain some need for analyses in international trade where there is a justifiable or science-based reason. When you must provide analyses for export, Kelowna Labs is fully equipped to provide the analyses you need under the internationally accepted laboratory standard of ISO 17025.

Very importantly, our continuous international exposure will allow Kelowna Labs to help you in choosing the minimum list of analyses appropriate for your wine's destination and help keep your costs under control.

Lab Packages

Package Price
EU Export Analysis Package $250.00
China/India Export Analysis Package $250.00