Our Services

We offer the industry's broadest scope of advanced analytical services to provide ever-increasing insights into the winemaker's blend of art and science. Kelowna Labs provides a wide range of analytical services for the alcoholic beverage industries. We routinely help our clients tackle even their biggest problems, with more than 250 analytical tools at our disposal. We constantly innovate, and can boast a full suite of advanced technologies, many of which were developed here at Kelowna Labs. Our extensive selection of analyses is backed up by our expert staff, who are always a phone call away to help you choose the right analytical tools for your needs, or design a testing plan to help solve even the most challenging winemaking problems.


Wine Testing
Kelowna Labs is the country's leading independent wine lab. We offer a full set of analytical tools for wine, juice, and berries, covering every step of the winemaking process, including: Vineyard management Harvest decisions Fermentation monitoring Cellar management Wine Aging Bottling & Quality Control Compliance & Export

Beer & Spirits

Beer spirits testing
Our research and services aren't limited to wine: since we first opened, we've provided high quality analytical services to the entire alcoholic beverage industry. Many of our analyses and proprietary techniques are valuable tools for the beer, cider, and spirits industries. View our full list of analyses for details about the tools we offer for each. If you have a specific need or project that isn't covered by our published list of analyses, contact us and our technical experts can help you walk through the analytical tools that would be the most appropriate. Learn more

Export Experts

Export analysis
Kelowna Labs is internationally recognized as a qualified third-party provider of analytical certificates for exporting alcoholic beverages. Our ISO accreditation and TTB certifications help ensure international acceptance of your certificates. Learn more